Gray Ghosts

Cape Fear RFC Gray Ghosts

The Gray Ghosts are a group of like minded old boys who gather a couple times a year to play in Master’s divisions tournaments around the country and plan rugby tours around the globe. ¬†Below is a roster of sorts made up of Fear Old Boys and friends of the program over 35 years old who are in the Gray Ghosts players pool and eligible for selection.

The Grey Ghost XV

Marc Ingam

Marcus Rich

Bob “Angry” Eason

Jim Scott

Marc “Yellowman” Miles

Perry Pence

Todd “Studbolt” Musick

Bill Boyer

Ron “Damnit” Dean

Rob “Saddam” Greenough

Jim “Jimbo” Wiseman

Matt Field

Paul Kasper

Tim “The Hobbit” Strickland

Frank “Warrior Spirit” James

Courtney “Precious” Atkinson

John Hogan

Victor Manning

John “Do-over” Metzger

Paul Collie

Ben “Bilbo” Zenick

Mike Baker